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At Sprint, we’re proud of the way that we design and build our boats...with ‘No Compromise’ . Of course, taking this approach, is not the cheap way to build a boat, but surprisingly the difference may be less than you imagine.

Let’s start by having a look inside.....

Unashamed Difference 1  - Under the floor!

Inside a this other builders hull you see a combination of plywood and timber frames glassed over

Here’s a photo of inside our Nord Fisher 170 showing or 50mm pu foam heavily glassed over, totally ROT FREE

Inside another builders boat showing what looks like a central timber glassed over, quick, easy and cheap.

Compare this to the foam filled GRP grid structure that’s built into our Nord Fisher 150, quite a difference!

Foam at this point is 300mm deep by 50mm wide

Each compartment on our 150 is foam filled prior to the inner floor liner moulding being bonded in place.  

Note the width of each bonding surface, a full 100mm wide

Is this plywood  on it’s flat side, to add bulk?

Note the single bonding width of what looks like 25mm

Nord Fisher 170 complex
hull stringer matrix
Check back soon for part two